Why Every Small Business Needs to Have an Effective Presence on Social Media

Why Every Small Business Needs to Have an Effective Presence on Social Media

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Social media can be a very powerful tool for small businesses in all sectors. It has the potential to bring you new customers on scale. If you're not using social media, now's the time to start! In this post we'll look at some ways to use the various social platforms by highlighting why your small business needs to utilise every area of social media.

Is social media good for small business?

Social media is fantastic for small businesses! Social media has the potential to bring you new customers and to maintain your relationship with your current ones.

Social media allows companies to build and portray an image that includes both their products and services. Whilst you're doing this it's important to build an engaged audience; There are many ways to do this, one example would be to include behind the scenes access to make your audience feel involved with your business.

Another benefit of using social media for small businesses is that it helps brands gain awareness that they may not have otherwise. There's easy methods to monitor and manage what people are saying about your company online, whether it's praise or criticism and we all know it's important to respond to both, especially when it's in the public eye.

Why small businesses need social media?

A recent study by Podium showed that 93% of customers conduct some type of research before making a purchase. As long as they know about you, it increases your potential customer base dramatically, and offers an easy way for them to make a purchase without having to wonder around the streets looking for you. Social media also gives your customers the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience with your company - both good and bad - which will give prospects the confidence in purchasing from you if they see positive reviews or testimonials about your business. Lastly, studies have shown most companies can increase annual turnover by 23% just by joining Facebook!

Social Networking is becoming more and more popular every day. This doesn't just benefit "big" companies, small businesses can thrive from having a social media presence. For instance, by posting your special offers or deals to throughout your social media channels you can reach out to many potential customers and make them aware of what you're offering who can pass the information on to their friends which in turn can produce an increase in revenue for you.

Top Tip: This is not limited to social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram, Google My Business posts can really help small businesses find new clients in their area by showing your GMB posts for certain search terms on Google.

These are just some of the many reasons small businesses need social media!

Which social media should I use for small business?

You might ask yourself, "Which social media should I use for my small business?" The simple answer is, you should consider all of them. To be effective in connecting with your target market , you should have a presence on every single platform that matters to your customers. You need to distinguish what social media platforms your customers spend their time on the most.

Top Tip: A great way to explore each platform is by signing up for an account and playing around with it for a while. Observe what others are doing; see how they interact with the tool, and get a taste of the culture by following people who represent similar interests as yours.

If you're still stuck on deciding which one to pick first, identify your local competitors and see what platforms they're using. That'll give you a pretty good steer.

Tips on what you can do to grow your small business using social media

There are many ways to use social media to grow your small business and there are various, simple strategies that you can utilise in order to achieve this. First, you have to make sure that your social media plan is a well-integrated part of the overall marketing strategy for your company. Second, it is important to keep current with technology so that you're not missing out on features and find new ways to engage with customers. Third, use social media monitoring tools to measure the effectiveness of your efforts. We've expanded on each of these three points below.

1. Create your social media marketing strategy

It is important to create a social media strategy because it will help your business grow by following a plan. Having a plan will tell you what channels to use, how many times to post every week and when the best time of day is to post content. It is important for your small business to be active on social media so that you can effectively reach more people and create a connection with them.

2. Keep up to date on each platforms new features

Small business owners should keep up to date on the new features offered by social media platforms so that they can leverage these opportunities to gain a competitive advantage for their businesses

Examples of this would be opportunity captions, Instagram stories, and Facebook Live videos are all relatively new features and are worth giving careful consideration to test out in order to see how you can use them to promote your small business.

When social media platforms introduce new features, their algorithms promote these to more people to ensure users of the retrospective platform see new things on their feeds that keeps them interested and returning back to the platform. This should be an integral part of your social media strategy and fantastic for brand awareness!

3. Use social media monitoring tools

Small business owners should use social media monitoring tools so that they can better reach potential clients and stay current with the latest features introduced.

Think of it this way, most people are already on Twitter or Pinterest or LinkedIn, but may not yet be aware that you exist. Social Media Monitoring is a great way to stay in touch with what's happening and keep tabs on what people are saying about key products, services and your company (good or bad). This enables you to see how you can improve outreach efforts, target new customers and measure ROI.

Using social media monitoring software lets you conduct keyword searches along side their sentiment analysis, saving time by reporting back posts relevant only to searches running regardless of social network.

Top Tip: Be creative, think outside of the box. Content that's different always has a habit of standing out amongst the crowd!

How social media can affect small businesses

In a global society, social media is practically an essential for day-to-day living. Its power affects both large and small things in people's lives. Imagine paying hundreds of pounds on phone calls every time you want to talk with your family or imagine emailing everyone the photos of what you've been doing. Life without Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Snapchat would be hard to imagine.

Thankfully, with social media, catching up with loved ones, interacting with friends and sharing photos and videos with them is only a click away.

Social media is an important tool for businesses nowadays because it's important for businesses to engage with their customers. Small businesses across the world, rely heavily on social media for marketing and advertising purposes as the leading channels they can use for revenue and brand awareness.

If you're still asking how, "I see most business owners are on social media, but how can it help my business?" then you're in the right place, we're going to break it down in to three different areas.

Social media has brought a new level of brand presence that affects all small business owners

Small business owners who are on social media are using it for two primary purposes: marketing, which is often a very time-consuming exercise in any modern business environment, and customer service. Faced with such an overwhelming number of choices out there in front of them when they use Google or Bing to search for new or better products online. In order to have a successful social media presence and build brand awareness it's essential that your products or services have a well-developed social media plan. Content that appeals to your target audience can really help improve your engagement rates. For example, video content would be a good idea and really help boost engagement.

How social media shapes brand loyalty

Social media shapes brand loyalty in a number of ways. One of these methods is by establishing an audience, even if they are entirely made up of your brand's social media followers. Social media accounts allow you to claim space on these platforms and put up content, which builds awareness for your brand. Interacting with followers is also essential as it helps them feel like they're being heard and creates a sense of community.

Top Tip: When a potential customer is interested in your product or service, there's a good chance they'll want to see your reviews. Make sure you've got some and people know where to find them!

It's important to take advantage of the opportunities that social media offers and shape your strategy accordingly. For example, if you already have a lot of Twitter followers and Facebook likes on your page, make those channels your focus. If you think that Instagram is more suited for what you do, then make it the go-to channel for your business.

Effects Of Social Media On Sales

It is impossible to deny the power of social media. It has become a major part of our lives in the past decade, and it will continue to grow in popularity for years to come. In fact, according to Smart Insights, over 53.6% of people worldwide use some form of social media on any given day. And these are just those who admit that they do! The truth is likely much higher than reported numbers suggest. What does this mean for business? Well, more and more companies are using social media as a tool with which they can drive sales through advertising campaigns or by creating an online community where customers can interact with one another as well as the company itself (think Facebook). There are many ways businesses utilise this new technology; below are some examples you may want to consider as a way to help your company grow through social media with specific measurable business goals.

Focus on Your Followers

The idea of increasing followers is not necessarily about getting more sales; Instead, this strategy is designed for businesses who want more brand recognition. Businesses can do this quickly and for free on social media by offering exclusive promotions or running contests, as long as the offers good for both! A prime example of this is Oreo - the famous cookie company that uses social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter in order to share pictures with recipes and funny sayings, thereby growing their customer base while helping people get a little snack happy.

Define Your Target Audience

In order to send out the right message to the right people, it is important for companies to focus on targeted demographics. In other words, knowing exactly who will receive your content is a much better way of approaching things than making blanket posts and hoping they resonate with everyone, because they won't. For instance, you can offer a contest exclusively to mothers who are fans of your brand, or advertise a special promotion to customers located in specific areas. The options here are limitless; you just have to be creative enough to think about the different ways social media can prove useful in getting sales numbers up! Social media is a great way to promote your brand and its services, but also shows how in tune companies are with their customers. By reaching out on social media sites, you show potential customers that your brand cares about them enough to include them in the advertising process behind the scenes. This makes people feel like they matter -they don't just exist as numbers to be tagged and targeted, but as individuals who deserve to be heard. Preach.

What Are You Waiting For?

Social Media has become an integral part of business marketing strategies because it provides companies with ways to reach out directly and connect with their potential customers on a more personal level than ever before! If you want help implementing these principles or want us to it for you, our social media management packages start at just £99/month! We'd be happy to partner up and create something together!

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